Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Last Saturday I was attempting to achieve World's Greatest Mom and in doing so I took Korbin and his two friends Tyler and Derek Potter to Castle Park, Cold Stone and the car wash (of which Korbin was the ONLY excited one) then we got home and pulled out bikes to go to our park. I was fun and active and had a great time. The only down-fall was when we pulled up to the park and Korbin and Tyler say 'You look like a dad' And I reply 'No I don't I have make-up on' and Tyler smoothly snickers 'Yeah... a dad with make-up on hehehe.' Good thing I really like this kid! So, off we went in a fury (because that's how small men move when excited) and we swung and slid and played hide and seek and got full to the brim with bizarre combinations of sugar and the ice cream shop. I was wiped out but it was a great day. I even have the pictures to show off!!!

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Jackie and Kirk said...

Those are some funky colors of ice cream!! The boys had a blast with you, no wonder they love you guys so much!! Thanks again for watching them!!