Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dear John,

Dear Blog, I am sorry about all this. We had a great time. Lots of memories. Really its me not you. I just don't wanna have this relationship anymore. Your high maintenance and well Mr. Facebook is pretty low-key. I don't feel mass guilt every time I post or don't post like I do when I check you Mr. Blog. You need pictures and updates to my fabulous life and well I'm just to busy having that fabulous life to stop and download a ton of pics, sort them, write something witty and post them. Usually that takes place between midnight and 3am. And, I SERIOUSLY need my beauty sleep. Just ask Lovey, I really need all the sleep I can get or is gonna be bad. Blog, I'm sorry this might be it for us. Unless you change my mind-which is doubtful... Love, Brit~

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We couldn't have done it without our friends...

This is one of Jaxons closest cousins Artina and her Lovey Brock. I bonded the most with Artina over all the other cousins and we just really love them. We were so excited that they were able to make the long trip even with THREE little kids including a new baby. You two are great examples of a great loving marrige and we love you. Thank you for your love for us.

Jaxon's younger brother Chris and his Emily came for our big day and we were so excited.


We know you didn't have to make the trip from pretty Seattle to dry boring Utah but we are so grateful you did. You are so beautiful and classy and we are happy you put up with Chris and make him a better person. You have done our family a world of good. I always wish we lived closer so we could shop and you could make me cool. Im glad you like the pearls. We love you,

Brit and Jax

Jackie after a LONG day! You know I love those sky high red heels. wink wink

Us gals at La Caille on the terrace.
Jackie, Shama, and Katie outside the Draper Temple waiting for my family to come out!

I have always been fortunate to have great friends where ever I live. Its one of my gifts-I am a girls girl. Yet, as lucky as I am to have always made friends there is always those women that you canno't live without. These girls pictured above have been my life line when I had nothing to add to the friendships. They gave and I took and it was a long while before I was able to give anything back. They loved me when I was relearning what love was. I love, truly love these Ladies.

Jackie, Shama and Kaite, (and Shannon who only got to come to the endowment the day before this goes to you too)

I am so grateful you were able to come to my happiest day. Thank you for being there on my worst day. Thank you for all the days inbetween. Even though we don't chat so much and FB is our saving grace with our busy lives; I dearly love and respect you. I find you all to be my sisters I got to pick. You are women I hope to emulate and I admire you four so much. Thanks for loving Jaxon and I though everything. We love you and are indebted to you for your unconditional love.


PS. I love the Kelly Green Coach handbag. You know me so well. I use it everyday!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sealing After Party

From the Temple we sent the guests off early for cocktail hour (well, Mormon cocktails) while we finished pictures and changed. This is us walking up the flights of stairs to our party on the veranda. We were actually taking bets as to which brother would end up in the fountians!!
We toasted our guests and our love and everything else we were happy about that night-or I did. My toast was considerably longer than that of my loveys. Shocker. We were just so thrilled!

Doesn't Jaxon look dapper in Calvin Klein?!! I could not keep that mans jacket on or his cuffs rolled down, oh well, he looked like himself! He is giving a heartfelt one minute toast!

As favors to our loved ones I made up 'Swag Bags of the South' that included Hush puppy mix from the seafood restruant we went to on our first wedding, Scarlett O'Hara Morning Glory seed packets, a jar of my famous BBQ sauce, a magnet that Korbin made of the Gerogia sun (Grandmas love this sort of thing!) it was topped with a giant starfish from Savannah and the bags were made to be reused as shoe travel bags. Seattle made me quite eco friendly!!

A priority of our evening was to give our family and friends a little taste of the south that we love and we served Virgin Mint Juleps which are known as Jucy Juleps. Our bartender kept them coming and they were rather fantastic!

At our dinner I made it so we were served dessert first. I made little notes that said 'Life is unpredictable, Eat Dessert First' and our guests had little Bengiets, Creme Brulee and Chocolate lava torte. Dont worry, We finished the courses with Tuxedo Strawberries!

Right off our terrace we could walk down to the swan pond, vinyards and of course, driving range. There were peacocks and bunnies, and ducks and swans all over the place.

Lovey and I being silly in a moment alone.

I just like this picture. I don't look as 'housewifey' as usual.

This is both our families who sacraficed much by attending and we love them all so dearly.
Our night was perfect.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We are SEALED (with pictures)

How the Draper Utah Temple looked as we were inside becoming an eternal family.
We just couldn't stop being like, well, like this. This is us.

All the family and the people we also claim as family.
We are so so humbled by your unconditional love!

Silly Babies!!
Four Generations!! From left to right-Myself, Jaxon, Mom aka. Bobette, Dad aka. Mike,
Allie, Korbin, Grandma and Grandpa Phillips.

Four Generations!
Korbin, Myself, Alexzondra, Grandma Marylin (who's in her mid eighties!) and my Mommy!

Miss. Allie was delighted that she was the center of attention and said her 'Heart was Happy'.

My Lovey and I. Forever.

This was the best family picture we could get. But, I love the unique-ness of it. Both the children needed suckers to keep them happy (Thanks Jaime) and we could not get them both to smile at the same time-mostly Miss. Allie. Yet, we have enough love in this picture to make me happy!

On July 30, 2010 Jaxon and I took our children Korbin and Alexzondra inside the Draper Temple to make covenants to eachother and to Heavenly Father. We knew what love was before we went and once inside we thought we would learn more; But, all we felt was that what we already knew was right. We live a life of pure, unconditional, honest love. I was ready. Jaxon was ready. We are committed to eachother, our babies and the Lord. It was a great and wonderful step. Now we just keep learning and growing.
It was divine.
Thank you to our loved ones for helping us get to this point. We are forever in your debt. We ask you to continue the climb with us. It's not over yet!
Thank you to
Katie you captured our spirit, our love, our craziness. Thank you for being our photographer and mostly our friend. We will remember this always.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

In 13 days we will be forever...

In 13 days Jaxon and I will take our babies to the Draper Temple to be sealed as a family. Part of me has been ready for years and part of me is just now ready. I'll never be able to understand the love I have for this man. It's almost maddening how much I don't have any control over the feelings I have for him, they are so intense, so pure, so passionate and so wonderful. Even in my very darkest hour I knew he was the only one for me. Even when he didn't know -I knew.
If you know us well you would know our road has not been easy. Hardships most marriages will never face have been ours in the first 7 years. Each year has taught us what true love really is. I knew what love was before we married. I knew what it was the first year. The second and so forth but to wake up and say 'Today I'm going to love you more than yesterday' is something that takes much patience. And Practice.
When we were first married a wicked old lady in my ward (Geny Morrision) gave me a piece of great advice 'The day I stopped trying to be the PERFECT wife, I became a wonderful one' How true it was. I wanted to be the smartest, prettiest wife. The one with the best house and cutest kids-who also have manners and I wanted everything to be perfect and I still wanted to be fun. I eventually realized-Jaxon wants a wife who will cuddle him at any given time. A wife who doesn't let herself go but doesn't take 2 hours to get ready. A wife that no matter what stands her ground. And the most important part -A wife that loves him unconditionally. I want to be that wife. I also want to be a little of what a wife is to me too. In the middle we found happiness-and that's all we really wanted anyway.
My lovey is-well, he's just delicious. He is a little bit of everything and I am so happy he is. I'd say he's the most well rounded person I know (except with dancing-or singing-or...) In one minute he can have big tough hands that can build something and the next he is touching me with the most gentle caress while he kisses me softly. He is wildly annoying and like very expensive toys (last week we bought a Harley) but his annoying traits and sorely missed when he's away and we love him just the way he is.
After we were leaving the stake presidents office I asked him if he really was ready because just a few short years ago he wanted nothing to do with God and his reply was so wonderful 'I was just being an idiot, I never not believed I just didn't really think it was for me. I know now that I need it and it needs me. I'm ready for Heavenly Father to make me the man I'm supposed to be I'd also like to have you you know...Forever. That will be great too.'
(You know how Jax speaks =)
Little did he know I'd been working on him the whole time and I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father knew it even when Jaxon didn't.
I AM READY!! I want him and the crazies FOREVER and a little longer after that if you please...