Thursday, December 11, 2008


Miss. Allie's birthday is now over so now we can officially have it be the Christmas season at our house. It is pretty, smells great and is all decorated with Christ as our guest for the party! It is essentially a giant birthday party for him. I am okay with that. I think there should be a sence of revrence about it though. Its not just some great teacher for who this party is for; but he whom takes away all the pain and hurt in the world, our sin and error. And he doesn't even want a gift for himself. He just wants to see us again and prehaps say "Welcome home sis, we've been waiting for you." Then we will show him our gift to him. Ourselves. That we are able to be in his presence.
I am grateful to get to pay honor to him while giving my family something that tells them I love them. A toy isn't gonna do it, but the love we share is what they will remember. Do you remember every toy you got for Christmas? I sure don't. I know a few really great ones but some of the best Christmases were when my family helped another or we worked in the Soup Kitchen. This year we dont have the $$$ to give another family Christmas but we will try to do something for others for at least the 12 days of Christmas. It might be you!!

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Matty and Jen-i said...

Britty - you are hilarious! I absolutely loved the story about your terrible morning before 9a. I thought it was going to get easier when they turn 1 year. P.S. I voted for the naked photoshoot. Although, Matt said when I get to my goal weight, I get a huge shopping spree! I love you and miss you!