Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break 2

I am exhausted. This Spring Break fun family week at home is a ton of work and the kids have NO IDEA. I know that in twenty years they will tell me how amazing I am and I am counting on that. This morning we woke up and made biscuit/egg/cheese/bacon towers in the oven. I was going to take pictures but I was too busy frying up bacon while helping Korbin make biscuits. After we finished those in about three minutes; We had a bit of spring cleaning to do so I let the kids take all the couch cushions into the hall and make forts. I steam cleaned the house and furniture. Anyone on a beach right now-if you are I want to kill you right now.
Then Miss. Allie went down for a nap. I said went down-not sleep. She continued to screech at us from her crib. Again-screech not cry. She was just plain annoying. SO, we just got her up to go to the Aquatics center. Oh wait... Korbins trunks don't fit and we don't have any swim diapers. Oh what fun we are. Off to Walmart (where I see rich-very put together woman from our stake- I ignore her and continue walking being as I'm in a swimsuit and a skirt and no make-up whatsoever.) Find new trunks and flip flops and go. CRAP almost there and no swim diaper (they wont let her in without one) stop at RiteAid. Jax runs in pouring rain while we wait in the car. We wait and wait and wait. Apparently Jax couldn't find it and had to wait until the only available cashier stopped chatting about menopause with another customer to help Jax. FINALLY we are at the Pool! Yeah!! Its so fun. We did not bring the camera because I wanted to have fun too. I always get stuck with it and I take terrible pictures! Miss. Allie loved the water slide which is shocking because its pitch black in there! We swam our little hearts out. I was nervous as always about being in public in my suit but just as always there was a ton of other people that should acquire some honest friends to tell them that a string bikini over 60 is just not so hot. So, I did just fine. We left about 4:30 so Jax could help someone move a piano and we could have a quick dinner and shower before gymnastics. When did I learn time-management? I actually thought I could do that in that small amount of time. Nope. We rushed home (in a downpour in ferry traffic on a two lane road) to find the guys Jax is supposed to help move with in our driveway. Off he goes to do a good deed for the day. All me. My good deed is going to be not drugging my starving, freezing screaming children while I whip up dinner. We ate food. That's all I can say about dinner. Rush to gymnastics and listen to Alexzondra scream how upset she is that there are too many kids and she can't go out onto the gym floor and play. Korbin is somewhat paying attention to his coach and I suppose that it was a good idea we made it to class today. Then both kids have meltdowns on the way home as I retract my previous thought. I am still covered in chlorine and smell like grilled cheese sandwiches and gym mats. I am tired. This is not Spring BREAK. THIS IS SPRING NUTS. Tomorrow when I am rested and smell like my good old self (its amazing what Chanel par fume can do for your soul) we might try another fun thing, but tonight I am taking a bath and going to sleep. right now.

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