Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is the way Korbin usually starts any sentence. Guess what mom? And then he proceeds to talk as if he ever stopped in the first place. That's what I do all day long-I hear GUESS WHAT MOM? I know he says things that are important and meaningful and I love listening to the little guy but honestly today-I just wish he would shut up. I am with him and Miss. Allie all day every day and I know already that it rained on us today and we fed the turtles and that Miss. Allie is one and that its really hot here and that I'm getting 'puffier' and so on and so forth. In fact I am escaping them right now to write this blog but he probably hasn't noticed my leave and will just keep talking anyway. Its constant and its annoying. If I am ever on the phone with anyone(and I haven't been on the phone alot because I would just complain) that is his cue to be in dire need of something and must speak up. And because I am TRYING to teach he stubborn little devil manners he just says 'Excuse Me' louder and louder till I want to whack him with the phone. I'm just tired and they don't seem to be at all...why oh why...

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Eileen said...

I thought you were going to say, "Guess What?.....I'm pregnant!" Nope. Just: Guess What? May kids are driving me crazy! I'll join that camp.

Adam talked non-stop when he was that age. If he at least switched subjects I would have been O.K., but it was almost always: trains and Pokemon. I was ready for the nut house.

Speaking of houses, are you in yours yet? I'm still waiting for the promised photos!