Sunday, November 1, 2009


Gee, Im happy Im not pregnant but what if I was? I would be in a Phsyc ward.Is it vain to want to have a really big party when your getting sealed? I hope not.
Is it wrong to make your husband read Twilight? Not if he likes it after 50 pages.
If you forgive someone does that mean you have to still let them in your life? No.
If you don't let them in your life does that mean you really didn't forgive them? No
Does everything really happen for a reason or do we say that to make life easier? It happens for a reason even if its hard.Is it mean to throw away your kids Halloween candy after a week?
Do you take it as a compliment when someone says 'You look really good-for having two kids' or do you want to slap them? I want to slap them.
Is there really a place where magic never dies? Disney Land does not count- ???? Under our dining table where we build forts.
Does having allot of money just mean your not helping enough people? How much money and probally.
Is there any person who has a two year old and doesn't want to rip all of their hair out? (their own hair not the kids hair) I hope not because I am going to be bald by three.
Does everyone roll over and look at their husband and say to themselves every morning 'You were the best decision I have ever made'? I do somedays and I hope everyone does somedays but because of PMS that might be impossible.
Does everyone get super spiritually charged from Sacrament meeting? I said I have kids right? Im just happy to take the sacrement and get out of there with all my buttons still closed and my pantyhose not snagged.
These were the thoughts that ran through my head on the way home from church today, I am trying to see if something is wrong with me and how many random things just fly around in there. Hopefully somethings not wrong with me.


Melissa said...

I can definitely agree with you on ALL of them! You are most certainly not crazy, in my opinion.

P.S. We're planning on having a big party when we get sealed in a few months, too! It's something to celebrate, right? LOL

Missi said...

Britty- Throw the biggest party Georgia has ever seen when you get sealed!

I made my boyfriend watch Twilight assuming we would just end up making out during it. He watched the WHOLE movie and even turned me down when I tried to kiss him!!!!