Monday, September 1, 2008


This summer has gone by and I feel like I havent had time to really relax and take it in. Jax came home in June and then I left right away for a lovely wedding and then the kids and I went to Utah for two weeks in July and Jax met us in Idaho after. Now August is over and my Birthday month has come and gone, oh well there is always next year!! Our fabulous Kiddos are just that -FABULOUS! I am so eternally grateful that Heavenly Father sent these children to me. Korbin is a total riot and is covered in scrapes and bruises. The new neighbor commented that she had never seen a kid with so many band-aids at once. I think he had 7!!!! And Miss. Allie is a ball of fun. A literal ball too. She doesn't seem that big but she wears 18 month outfits and will be 9 months on the 10Th. She is by far-bar none- the happiest baby ever put on the earth. Okay maybe Christ was a great baby as well but she gives him a run for his money!
We have really loved the summer here, when the sun actually gets to do its job! I spend a good part of the day being Korbins cheerleader while he is learning to pop wheelies on his bike and trying desperately to do a back flip. Alexzondra has gotten two bottom teeth and is working on pulling one on top down now. She loves being mobile as do I. (remember not baby people) I don't mind her getting in to stuff if she is learning. I hope she will start walking in the very near future-then I can put her in dresses again!!

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Matty & Jen-i said...

Aw Bitty B, you're family is so fantastic!! I am so sad that I missed you while you were in Utah. Your pictures are so cute! I'm glad to see you guys are having fun and keeping busy! I love you and miss you girl!