Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring is Springing!!

This spring is beautiful, but a little bit sad missing Jaxon. He will be home with us shortly and we are all doing our best to have goals accomplished by his arrival. Each one of us (Yes, Miss. Allie does too) has a few things to keep our mind off the long days and busy trying to better ourselves.
Korbin is trying not to suck his thumb anymore, Ace Lego Star Wars and RC Racer on the Playstation 2, and have no more pull-ups by the time dad gets back.
Miss. Allie is trying her very best to hold her own bottle, sit up and roll over. She talks to his picture every morning and watches a little clip of the two of them talking to eachother so she wont forget him.
And Im just fighting the never ending battle of the bulge and trying to get back in shape after Miss. Allie, up-date all the scrapbooks, finish the Amelia Peabody series and prehaps take a self defense class or two!
We know Jaxon is very busy on the boat with their 18 hour days and all the testosterone going through the roof. He is trying to get down to about 6% body fat and be really in shape, as well as finish his classes this semester for his BA.
During the day when we arent working on one of the goals we are busy running around with friends, doing pre-school, park hopping, shopping and just livin life!!


Jackie and Kirk said...

I LOVE all your pictures, you guys are all gorgeous. And of coarse when ever you are bored and don't feel like working on your goals, we are more than happy to play!!

jaesi said...

So, out of the years you have left, how much more sea time will Jaxon see?
Im am soooooooo glad that is out of the way for us....its the pits!